There are plenty of things about Sarah and the lab that don’t fit into the other categories on the webpage. Here is where we’ve compiled all the “extras”.

BAHfest is a fantastic outreach/comedy/fake-science event that is sweeping the world. Click here for more information or watch Sarah’s winning BAHfest West 2014 talk:

And here is the Science Friday coverage of BAHFest, with Zach Weinersmith, Ira Flatow and me! (3 April 2015)

I competed in BAHfest East in 2019, with a very sophisticated joke-talk, called "Everybody poops. But why?" Check it out here:

I was part of the "How Molecular Ecologists Work" series over at the Molecular EcologistCheck it out!

More information about my brilliant partner – Noah Reid – and his research are on his webpage.

I was profiled by Roberta Kwok for Nature Jobs about moving away from wet lab to dry lab work.

I shared a true, personal story about science with StoryCollider in 2018. It was kind of terrifying to get in front of a live audience and share a traumatic event from my life squarely at the intersection of being an academic and facing the medial unknown during pregnancy. A few months later, I was featured on their podcast - available here:



Software Carpentry

Really good (and free and open-source) modules for teaching beginners the basics: The Unix Shell, Programming with Python, Programming with R, Using Databases and SQL, Version Control with Git, and more...

QIMME Tutorials

If you'd like to get started with microbial community analysis, QIIME tutorials (Mac users can use MacQIIME) tutorials. These may require a little knowledge of the command line, but they give you some data and tell you what to type, then what you're looking at. If you're at all familiar with R, playing around with some phyloseq tutorials (like this) can be easy/informative.